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ONTACT SERVICE mobile phones service industry
CONTACT SERVICEC Service Centers provide a total solution and commitment to our valued customers.
CONTACT SERVICE can serve you by listening to your requirements and addressing them through our extensive resources of the industries best trained Support Staff.  Customer support and technical teams at each of our global locations are dedicated to providing CONTACT SERVICE customers with the level of support they need when they need it. With over 10 years experience in assisting customers, our support teams have the expertise to provide an accurate and timely response, with minimum down-time for our customers.
Repair Services - Repairs, Factory Authorized Parts and Field Service.
Technical Support - Software, Hardware, Application or Installation Support.
Training - Factory or Onsite Training for CONTACT SERVICE Products.
Warranty - One year limited warranty.
Extended Support Plans - CONTACT SERVICE Product support above and beyond our standard return to factory warranty.
Intelligent cutting-edge telecommunications professional repair center in
Donetsk and Makeevka is one of CONTACT SERVICE mobile phone service center, with extensive maintenance experience, excellent technical staff, skilled maintenance technicians, professional maintenance equipment, dedicated service concept and perfect service processes, in CONTACT SERVICE mobile phones service industry has a leading position in mobile repair field with good established reputation and excellent technology, leading edge telecommunications intelligent network in China easy to repair the city of Wuhan is the only designated CONTACT SERVICE extended warranty center.
 Intelligent cutting-edge telecommunications service center is the first company in Donetsk and Makeevka [watch live] [instant] [instant provision maintenance repair station], we will provide you with [professional] [transparent] [quick] service!
 [Professional]: Our technical staff have undergone a rigorous skills training, and has extensive experience in the maintenance, in terms of software or to hardware, we can provide a full range of services!
 [Transparency]: price transparency, maintenance and transparent! From the fault detection analysis to the machine maintenance, the entire repair process, we will provide full and transparent operation, allowing you to clearly and simply, do not waste money!
 [Fast]: Intelligent cutting-edge telecommunications provider with a number of original spare parts to maintain a good relationship, and with a large number of original parts, field service, instant provision, so you spend less wasted time, and enjoy ultra-similar fault long warranty!
 Brief maintenance process:
 1, Reception: fault detection, a preliminary assessment of maintenance of price (cost). User agrees to repair repair a single print into a formal maintenance;
 2, maintenance: the maintenance engineers more accurate quote after inspection, maintenance agreement by the user;
 3, test: repaired by a professional testing machine;
 4, take the machine: After confirmation, notify the customer pick-up;

 Professional maintenance highly difficult fault
 Such as: do not start, not charging, boot screen, black screen, the video and so on.
 Repair without sending it, no receiver, no ring, no signal, no network, and other faults.
 Professional repair bricks, half bricks, replace the CPU, font.
Repair of all kinds of Chinese phones in Donetsk and Makeevka!
Repair of more than 300 kinds of Chinese mobile! Low price, high quality!
Our service center has an extensive experience in repair of Chinese phones! We constantly cooperate with leading technical experts of the plants of Flying, Cesim and Pinphone.. our Arsenal of unique electrical circuitry on many models of Chinese phones, which are not in free access, neither in the Internet nor in other сервисцентрах. We also have advanced technology and solutions for repair and restoration of Chinese cell phones!
Service center carries out repair of Chinese phones of all models and modifications: Chinese IPhone 3G (j2000, f003 f006,, f030, f035, f029, f038, tv003, h003, c900, c900+, c500, wg6, w002, w003, w008, 3gs compas, airphone a1, a4, i9, i68, i9+, i9, i9+++++++, etc.); Chinese IPhone 4G (j8, j8+ f6 f9, w88, w99, w888, 4gs+, 4g+, etc.) iphone 5g Hi5, a Chinese iphone 4 A3+ Android,; Chinese Nokia (n9, c7, n8, n10, n7, x6, wg6, e71, e72, e73, 6300, 6700, 5310, Nokia n95, Nokia n95 8Gb, c1000 and etc.); the Chinese SonyEricsson (c5000, x10, c902, с905, etc.) Sony Ericsson Xperia X12; Chinese HTC (w007, c8000, wg3, h807, etc.) Htc Star A2000, Htc Hero h4000; Chinese Vertu; all kinds of Chinese phones on Android and WindowsMobile platforms and many other models of phones.
We have direct supplies of spare parts and components from the factories of China. All spare parts are a double quality control before shipment to us and after the arrival in our SP..CE spare parts are Packed protective tapes and stickers quality!
Our Service Centre cooperates with many Internet-shops. Our partners implement Chinese phones with our guarantee. We provide the free warranty repair of Chinese phones in the presence of our corporate guarantee coupon.
Russification, the firmware Chinese phones.
Today we прошиваем almost all kinds of Chinese people. Every owner of a Chinese phones wants to change the font (more less), to make the right set of VMS, to make the standard keyboard layout, correctly translate the phone menu (insert SIM) and etc..all these works we carry out with the help of special professional programmers for Chinese phones.
Our experts have considerable experience in the firmware, software restoration and the Russification of the Chinese phones! - updated and revised manually!!! firmware for all popular models.
Hardware repair of Chinese phones.
When the hardware repair of Chinese phones we use the most modern service equipment. Repair of the Board is carried out by experienced service engineers.
We produce the following types of repair:
Replacing a touch of glass (replacement touch screen)
Replacement of the module with display
Replacement charging connector
Replacing the processor core
Replacement mechanism buttons
Replacement of elements of the high-frequency tract
The replacement of the flash and sim receiver.
Replacement of spoken and polyphonic speaker and microphone.
Replacing the display backlight
Replacing межплатного loop in some models
If you broke your phone. This is not a problem!. the service center you can easily fix your phone in the shortest possible time. In our warehouse in Donetsk and Makeevka more than 3000 items of spare parts. Every month range of warehouse updated with new spare parts.Service Center CONTACT SERVICE - the repair of mobile phones and PDA's in Donetsk. We are located in the center of the city near the market Hall.
Our goal is acceptable for the clients of the prices and terms for repair at a constant high quality and reliability. 80% of repairs our engineers produce within one working day.
Service Center CONTACT SERVICE provides a wide range of services on repair and service of means of mobile communication. Here are some of them:
Emergency diagnostics of mobile phones and digital photography
Urgent repairs (from 30 minutes to 3 hours)
Diagnostics with the issuance of an act of a technical condition
Electromechanical repair
Repair of radio engineering
Reprogramming the phone, updated version of the software
Unlock codes of the operator and of personal codes of the phone
Elimination of electrical corrosion due to moisture
Recovery after mechanical damage
When performing repair of mobile phones - the cost of diagnostics is included in the cost of repair operations. The guarantee on the executed works and replaced parts - 1 month, except in cases of repair works without warranty.
Service Center CONTACT SERVICE carries out in Donetsk repair of mobile phones:
Repair Vertu in Donetsk
Update ON the Vertu in Donetsk , Repair HTC Donetsk, Makeevka ,Unlock HTC Donetsk, Makeevka, Users HTC Donetsk, Makeevka, Repair iPhone Donetsk, Makeevka Unlock iPhone Donetsk, Makeevka Users of the iPhone Donetsk, Makeevka Repair LG Donetsk, Makeevka Unlock LG Donetsk, Makeevka Users LG Donetsk Makeevka Repair ASUS Donetsk, Makeevka Unlock ASUS Donetsk, Makeevka Flashing the ASUS Donetsk, Makeevka
Repair Nokia Donetsk, Makeevka Unlock Nokia Donetsk, Makeevka Flashing Nokia Donetsk, Makeevka Repair Of Samsung Donetsk, Makeevka Unlock Samsung Donetsk, Makeevka Users Of The Samsung Donetsk, Makeevka Repair Sony Ericsson Donetsk, Makeevka Unlock Sony Ericsson Donetsk, Makeevka Users Of The Sony Ericsson Donetsk, Makeevka Repair of Chinese phones Donetsk, Makeevka
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